segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2016

Christmas time !!

New pattern for Christmas, is available

Christmas Ornament
 Have fun embroidering this charming ornament to complete the decoration of your Christmas! It can turn into a flat ornament, a pillow ... a banner. You decide what will be best for your creativity.

This year I stitched all Tiny Stockings Series

 Timy Stockimgs - Frise #1

Timy Stockimgs - Frise #2

Timy Stockings Meddallion #1

Timy Stockings Meddallion #2

Timy Stockings Quaker #1

Timy Stockings Quaker #2

Hope after see these beauties ... you be inspirated and start your today!!

 Change a little bit of subject ... my cat family grow !!
Introduce Frederico (a.k.a. Fred)

He have almost 2 months .... and the old brother and sister love then ...

 Now we have Cléo, Laila, Salem and Frederico

Where you can find my Patterns
PDF Files - downloadable (by e-mail )

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